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First term

My first term in Cambridge was absolutely amazing. Yes there were times when in was tough but really what do you expect? There is a reason that Cambridge has a reputation for being challenging. Although on the subject of reputation there are some large misconceptions. Before coming I was concerned that people would look down on me for coming from a comprehensive school or because I am not descended from the a Nobel prize winner or a world leading brain surgeon but really that’s a load of rubbish. Nobody seems that bothered quite honestly, everyone got here on the same academic merit and had the same or very similar offers.

Many people said to me before I came that Cambridge was expensive. On the contrary, I think it is a cheaper option in terms of living costs (Tuition fees are the same everywhere pretty much!) My rent is less than half of what my friends at other Uni’s are paying for a similar room. I pay about £2250 a year for a modern, en suite room of a reasonable size. Besides the Cambridge Bursary Scheme which is run by the Newton Trust provides very generous bursaries up to £3500 a year which is awesome compared to many other places. Also being at Cambridge allows you to apply for charity bursaries, I have received two totalling £800. Finally college’s are often well off and can usually find a bit of money somewhere to help out a student who is struggling. If you are concerned by the financial implications of coming to Cambridge, don’t be!

One of the best parts of the Cambridge medicine course is the continued emphasis on full body dissection. One body (known as a cadaver) is shared between a group of 6 for the whole year and we spend on average 3 hours a week, dissecting the cadaver. It is great to be able to see structures in the flesh and appreciate their size and shape which you cannot get from a textbook. It also helps you to understand the normal variation between people which textbooks struggle to illustrate. Finally it is not disgusting or greatly upsetting on the most part and talking to my medic friends we are all finding it a tremendous way of learning.

Any I must stop writing and return to doing some work. The first week back after Christmas is dedicated to mock exams :(

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