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It’s true. Sometimes we become so absorbed into our own bubbles that we forget there’s a world around us, and that life goes on outside the cocoon. In the build up to my exams (which lasted a few weeks) I shut myself off from the world; pored over my books, notes and all to do with revision and suchlike. And then, four days ago it was all over. With a sigh of relief, I removed my ear plugs (not literally!) and ventured out of my room. Once outside, I could hear sounds: the songs of birds, the shrill cries of trees and even the tok tok of my own footsteps – I was at last becoming intimately aware of my surroundings.

With this fresh breath of reality, I feel ready and excited about what post-exam revelries have in store for me. Yesterday, I attended a garden party and a poetry reading; both were done in a peculiar Cambridge style, in gardens normally hidden behind historic walls that spring to life by the sound of folk music or string quartet. Needless to say, both were pretty sober affairs! On my way to the party, I passed by the river Cam, the afternoon sun gleaming on its mossy waters and punters with straw hats punting tourists on it – everyone seemed very relaxed. When I saw a girl on the lawns reading not particle physics or pathology, but the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, it was a confirmation that exams were well and truly over. I can now look forward to summer holidays. Good bye Cambridge! See you in September.

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